Acepac Bike bottle bag pullopussi

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Näppärä pullopussi juomapulloille.
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Cordura Ecomade Fabric
Mitat: Ø 8.5 cm, 13 - 17 cm
Paino: 45 g


Using the main material Cordura Ripstop Ecomade (PU coating 1500 mm H20) resistant fabric made from recycled PET bottles. 

The bright lining inside the bag for easy orientation inside. 

Adjustable velcro straps for fixing to the handlebar and stem. Buckle 
Duraflex couplers, camlok the lower strap bag (attached to the fork crown). 

Polypropylene straps (100% recyclable) have a coarse structure and a slippage in the belt. 

Bartack stitch (zigzag), all the threads are made of polyester fibers with a large diameter for maximum strength. 

Bag accommodates standard bike bottle or 
Pinguin Tritan Slim 650 ml bottlewith a wide neck. It can also be used to transport food, or as an emergency bag for anything you need at hand.
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