Acepac Zip vetoketjullinen runkolaukku (medium)

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Acepacin vetoketjullinen runkolaukku. Materiaalina Cordura Ecomade fabric, paino n. 240g. Valmistaja antaa tuotteelle kolmen vuoden takuun.

Mitat 40 x 6 x 14cm.

Used main material Cordura Ecomade Ripstop (PU coating 1500mm H20), durable fabric made of recycled PET bottles. Bag circumference reinforced with coarser Cordura Ecomade fabric for increased abrasion resistance and padded foam to keep the bag well shaped and its filling does not damage the frame while driving. Closing the bag with waterproof YKK  zipper with two sliders allows you to open the bag from the left or right side and get directly to the contents of the bag.

Drawstrings and zipper garages are made of durable and non-slip Hypalon material The bag is attached to the frame using 7 Velcro  straps (these should be shortened to the required length according to your frame). At the front of the bag is a Polypropylene strap (100% recyclable) with a Duraflex Camlok buckle  At the same location (under the upper frame tube) there is an outlet for the camelbag hose.

Stress seams are insured by Bartack stitch (zigzag), all threads used are Polyester with a large fiber diameter for maximum strength.

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