Cane Creek

Cane Creek 40 (EC34) // 1 1/8" //ohjainlaakeri

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Cane Creek 40 sarjan ohjainlaakeri.

  • Technical Description EC34/28.6/H16/K|EC34/30 /H12/K

  • Top Type EC - External Cup

  • Top Head Tube Inside Dia. 33.95mm

  • Stem Clamp Dia. 28.6mm

  • Top Stack Height 16mm

  • Top Bearing Type Black Oxide, Sealed

  • Bottom Type EC - External Cup

  • Bottom Head Tube Inside Dia. 33.95mm

  • Crown Race Seat Dia. 30.015mm

  • Crown Race Type Steel, Face-Sealed

  • Bottom Stack Height 12mm

  • Bottom Bearing Type Black Oxide, Sealed

  • Material 6061

  • Weight 98g


Cane Creek’s 40-Series sets the standard for performance, durability and value. Drawing from the premium 110-Series design, the 40-Series includes all the features necessary for a durable, lightweight, long-lasting headset.

We make it easier, by developing consistent graphics, interchangeable parts and over 40 configurations to meet almost every size need. Sold in straight and tapered assemblies or tops & bottoms, Cane Creek’s 40-Series offers the largest fitment range of any headset line on the market. Precision engineered by Cane Creek in Fletcher, NC.

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