Elite Nanogelite Thermal 4H 650 ml

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Eliten eristetty pullo, joka pitää nesteen raikkaana pitempään.
  • Myrkytön/BPA Free

  • Nesteen maksimilämpötila 40 C

  • Pesukoneen kestävä

The lightest squeezable thermal bottle ever.

Bottle that combines advanced thermal qualities with great flexibility, which is a feature that makes it stand out among other thermal bottles that usually feature a rigid bottle body.

Elite Years of R&D resulted in a transparent squeeze soft  bottle, highly thermal and with improved liquid flow. NANOGELITE 650 ML ensures up to 4 hours with cold liquids (max liquid temperature is 40°C).

NANOGELITE 650 ML is entirely made in Nanogel® material, which is the lightest insulating material ever, made of 5% solid parts and 95% air.

The nanopores drastically decrease thermal transmission and maintains the initial liquid temperature for much longer.

Its structure includes two plastic containers combined via laser welding as well as an insulated panel in Nanogel Aerogel Thermal-Wrap.


The cap, which comes from racing designs, lets you drink just like a pro would.

Triple-function cap with soft rubber push-pull nozzle is easy on the mounth and delivers fluid fast.

1. push-pull valve in soft rubber for easy opening and closing even during the ride;
2. unscrewing opening for cleaning and filling;
3. interlocking safety opening to minimize the obstacle in the accidental case of impact with the wheels.

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