• Ergon ST Core Prime S/M Lady satula

Ergon ST Core Prime S/M Lady satula

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Ergonomisesti muotoillut ERGON-satulat nautinnolliseen ajoon!
Laita itsesi äärirajoille- älä kuitenkaan istuinmukavuutesi ehdoilla.

- Basf Infinegryn suunnittelema ergonominen istuimen runko helpottaa
lantion luonnollista liikkumista ja vaimentaa tehokkaasti toistuvia iskuja
- Leveä ja mukava istuinalue
- Miehille ja naisille erikseen muotoiltu keskikanava helpottaa
haaroihin kohdistuvaa painetta

Tekniset tiedot:
- Runko: BASF Infinenrgy ( E-TPU/ Puristettu solumuovi)
- Kisko: CrMo
- Päällinen: Mikrofiber
- Pehmuste: Ortopedinen pehmuste

- Istuinalueen leveys 9-12 cm. ( S/M-koko)

ST Core Prime ensures maximum long-distance comfort for both men and women. The floating double-shell principle with its ergonomic core supports the natural pelvic movements when pedaling, actively relieves the seat bones, provides medical back support and reliably dampens uneven surfaces.

The core consists of BASF Infinergy®, a modern E-TPU with special material properties such as direct response and enormous resilience. The anatomically adapted seating surface has been further optimized in elaborate studies and field tests for men and women. Thanks to the extensive relief channel, numbness and sitting problems are effectively prevented. The new ST Core saddle is tailored to the needs of demanding trekkers and e-bikers down to the last detail.


  • Maximum comfort - Just as new as the saddle's design is the gender-specific shape of the saddle's surface. Especially in the seating area, men and women differ most anatomically. This is where pressure peaks often and quickly occur, leading to deafness and discomfort. Ergon has implemented and extensively tested the relief surfaces according to the latest scientific findings. The result is two different shapes and relief openings - maximum driving comfort for men and women.
  • Seat bone relief, motion support and high-performance dampers in one - The TwinShell saddle construction supports the pedal movement in an unprecedented way. The ergonomic core supports all pelvic movements and actively relieves the seat bone, which is stressed during pedaling. Due to its special material properties, the core serves as an extremely sensitive, durable and 3D-moving damper element.
  • Visible and noticeable function - the ergonomic core is directly visible from almost any angle. The Ergon design team is thus focusing on the core feature. Flexibility can also be tested directly by pressing. In addition, the anatomically shaped saddle surface with its gender-specific relief channel gives a clear message: the Ergon ST Core is THE touring saddle for all those seeking ultimate seating comfort.

Product features

  • Name: ST = Saddle Touring
  • Core: BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU / closed-cell particle foam)
  • Seat shells: Nylon Composite
  • Frame: CroMo
  • Upper: Microfiber
  • Padding: Orthopedic Comfort Foam
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