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Aerorage on rakennettu ratanavalla puolisyvään jäykkään vanteeseen 32 pinnalla.

Testattu kovalla ajolla ja todettu vahvaksi.

ested by the couriers and track riders of the world, our Track Series has seen some of the hardest testing there is to offer. Rivals, side streets and traffic are no match for our Track Series.

Our Aerorage wheels cut through the streets comfortably and offer a CNC brake surface for consistent braking performance.

Built with an aerodynamic 14mm internally, 19.5mm external, width rim the Aerorage wheel is proven on the streets of London, Berlin and Paris to deliver durability and performance time after time.

The Aerorage wheelset spins on our legendary TK Hubs with Japanese sealed bearings with various rear drive options and lightweight drilled axles.

Note: General Fixed sprocket check: 
for correct fixed use, the fixed sprocket should NEVER move on the hub when pedal force is applied in both directions.
i.e. if the sprocket moves, then something is wrong.
Continued use with a fixed cog that moves will result in damage to the hub.


  • SpokesED coated Black plain gauge stainless spokes
  • NipplesED coated black brass nipples
  • Rim Depth24.5mm
  • Internal Width14mm
  • External Width19.5mm
  • Front Hub Spacing100mm
  • Rear spacing120mm
  • Drillings32H
  • Recommended Tyre size20-32C
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