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HED Jet 9 Black kiekot

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If you had to pick one series of Hed products that are the fastest, most versatile, and best bang-for-your-buck, it is our beloved Jet Plus line.  The Plus rim technology is the next evolution of our groundbreaking C2 rim, and features a 25mm-wide profile.  This offers a host of benefits, including better aerodynamics, handling, and stiffness, along with increased tire volume for improved ride quality and rolling speed.  Riders everywhere are choosing fatter tires, and our Plus rims are the perfect match. 

While many people only think of skinny tires, tubular wheels, and high pressures for track, more and more people are finding the performance benefits of clinchers and wider tires on today’s aging track surfaces.  In fact, some of our internal testing has shown faster times with Jet track wheels and lower tire pressures than some combinations of tubular wheels.  If you’re looking for the convenience of clinchers and the ability to change tires on race day, look no further than Jet Track wheels.

Remember to specify hubs (Track or Road)

Available in 4, 6, 9, and Disc.

  • Rim type Clincher
  • Braking surface Option
  • Build and spokes 18/24 or 20/28
  • Hub model HED Track or Road
  • Hub Combatibility Track or Road
  • Powertap Option
  • Disc Brake Option (spokes 24/24)
  • Rim Width 25/20,7mm
  • Includes Titanium skewers, rim tape and wheel bags + valve extenders.

Specify hub.

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HED Jet 9 Black kiekot