Herrmans HPA+ 29" vannenauha

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Taipuisa vannenauha vähän leveämpiin vanteisiin (30x622)
The HPA+ rim tape has been developed especially for semi-fat 29” rims.

HERRMANS® HPA+ (blue) rim tape utilizes HERRMANS® new revolutionizing Wing technology (W-Tech).
With W-Tech the new rim tape profile is flexible and the rim tape is easier to mount on the rim, so that it is centered, smoothly follows the rim profile and stays in place.

The rim tape does not interfere with the beed of the tire. At the same time the rim tape does not lose its critical rigidness, giving a good pressure resistance. Too stiff rim tapes will not follow the U-shaped rim profile, making a correct assembly of the rim tape, and tire, more difficult. With too loose rim tapes the pressure will push down the rim tape into the spoke holes, reducing the protective life span of the rim tape.
The W-tech rim tapes have good flexibility in the cross section, for easy correct mounting, and at the same time retaining rigidness in the center, for high pressure protection. HPA+ is made out of PVC, thin & light and can stand a max pressure of 6 bars or 87 psi. The rim tapes have upgraded pinch resistance for long riding sessions.

The rim tapes are available with valve holes for rims with the American valve (Schrader valve) 9mm.
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