Knog Pwr Mountain 2000 lumen

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Knog PwrMountain valaisin
2000 lumenia

PWR Mountain is a modular bike light for trail and mountain biking. But it's not JUST another bike light.

Not only is it a high power headlight, but simply take the product apart and you have much more. A lighthead for other PWR bike and camping lights, plus a PWR Bank to charge devices that is also the battery for all products in the PWR range.

The PWR Mountain outputs 2000 lumens of light, uses a circular beam for flood lighting obstacles from unpredictable angles, can be mounted both on the handlebar or your your helmet using the helmet/bar extension mount, incorporates twist mode operation (turn the light on and off twisting the lighthead - no buttons) and gives you the option to program your brightness and runtime through our ModeMaker app.


LIGHT OUTPUT : 2000 Lumens
POWER BANK : 10000 mAh
DIMENSIONS : 132x 48mm Ø
WEIGHT : 355g



FUNCTIONALITY :  Twisthead operation to turn light on / off and to scroll through light modes (no buttons)

PROGRAM YOUR MODES: Plug your lighthead into your computer, download the ModeMaker app and then tailor light modes to your light.

COMPATIBILITY:  The 10000mAh battery is compatible with the small, medium and large lightheads.

CHARGE YOUR DEVICES: Use this PWR Bank to charge your iPhone or cycling computer on the go.

LIGHT BEAM: Circular beam for flood lighting obstacles from unpredictable angles.

MATERIALS: CNC-machined anodised aluminium body, plus ridged heatsink.

BATTERY INDICATOR: 4 LEDs on light display remaining charge

BATTERY TECH: USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery.

THERMAL MANAGEMENT: Automatically regulates the light output for optimum performance.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Male-Female USB cable, Side Mount, Spacer, Micro USB Cable

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