Mavic Aksium Disc Elite Evo UST kiekot 6-pultti

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Mavic Aksium Elite Evo Disc kiekot. Mavic laatua, joka ei räjäytä lompakkoa. Tubeless.


Mavic Aksium Elite Evo Disc UST 6-pultti kiekotYksion Pro UST Tubeless 25-622 renkailla.
Renkaat tulevat mukana ja kiekot siis käyttövalmiit kun ilmat pumppaa. Maximi yhteispainosuositus 120 kg (pyörä, ajaja, tavarat). Maximipaine 7,7 bar mukana tulevilla renkailla.

Toimii 8-/9-/10-/11-speed Shimano/SRAM (Road)
Note: Assembly of 8-/9-/10-speed cassettes on Shimano freehub bodies requires a 1.85 mm spacer.

Roll faster and smoother with a reduced risk of punctures
With UST Road Tubeless, no tube means no friction. So you experience less rolling resistance and higher speeds. UST Road Tubeless lets you ride with lower tire pressure for smoother ride and a reduced risk of punctures Our patented UST system offers a perfect union between tire and wheel, so installation, removal and maintenance are easy 

Lighter, wider rims for quick, comfortable handling
17 mm internal rim width for increased air volume ISM 4D superlight rim Double butted steel spokes 

Engineered durability lets you ride more miles without any worries 
Spoke and rim interface are secured with fore drilling Sealed cartridge bearings designed to last many miles 


Aksium is the perfect Mavic wheel for everyday riding, and this is just as true for the disc version. It combines high grade, lightweight materials with great ride quality. Aksium Disc uses straight pull spokes for added stiffness and strength, fixed to pin joint and lightweight rims specifically designed for disc brake use. This maintains a high reactivity and ease of spinning. To withstand the stress of disc brakes, we’ve also increased the spoke count to 24 on both front and rear. And they’re crossed three on both sides to make sure the braking torque is securely transferred all the way to the ground. At 17mm internal width, these rims are compatible with tires up to 32mm, making them versatile, comfortable, safe and great for traction. The disc specific hubs feature super strong QRM bearings that provide low friction and long-term durability, with no servicing needed. Aksium Disc is only compatible with standard quick release. For the disc rotor mount, the wheels are available in International Standard 6 Bolts (for Shimano/Sram and Campy cassette) and Center Lock® (Shimano/Sram cassette only).

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