• Michelin Mud2 30-622

Michelin Mud2 30-622

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Uudistettu tubeless-ready versio klassisesta vihreästä cyclocross-kumista.

Michelin’s Mud2 replaced the famous green Mud tire six years ago with an updated black tread and sidewalls, but not everyone thinks the changes were upgrades.

The green tire was considered by many to be the gold standard of clinchers, and the Mud2 retains the same supple casing and generous sizing (it is wider than most 30c tires).

The Mud2 offers greater durability than its green predecessor, with a harder Silica Energy tread, an extra row of knobs, and a reinforced bead area.
The extra durability near the bead is welcome, as the older tires with tan walls were prone to tearing near the beads. The durability comes at the expense of some mud shedding, as the extra knobs create a less open design.
Like its green-treaded predecessor, the Mud2 remains one of the best all-around clinchers.

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