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Phil Wood alu OBB keskiökuppi (pari)

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Philin laadukas alumiininen keskiökuppi 68/73 mm keskiömuhveille.
GXP-adapteroitu, adapterin irroittamalla sopii Shimanon HT2-kampiin.

BSA (1.370 x 24 tpi) ja upeat värit
When we decided to work on our next generation Outboard Bottom Bracket (OBB) we wanted to design something that would increase compatibility and adjustability.

As a result of this we added 6 mm of thread and 8mm of overall length to our cups. This allows for an increase in thread engagement needed when using different spacer setups in optimizing chain line.
There was also an ever present request for us to offer our OBB in aluminum, to not only reduce the unit’s weight but also allow us to offer our full line of anodized colors.

We are happy to announce the release of our new 2nd Generation Outboard Bottom Bracket (OBB) Cups for integrated spindle and crank systems.

Each OBB cup and center sleeve is machined in-house from US-produced stainless steel and aluminum.

Our aluminum OBB cups are only available in British threading.

Our stainless steel OBB cups will continue to be available in the following threading: British, Italian, Raleigh Super Corsa, French, Swiss, and Chater Lea.

Both aluminum and stainless steel OBBs will be available in the following spacing: 68/73, 83 and 100mm.
The spacing options are reached by using our three new center sleeves which can be purchased separately if you ever need to change the spacing of our 2nd generation OBB.
Our 1st generation OBB uses four different center sleeves which can also be purchased separately.

A threadless (press fit) OBB cup set is available for those that wish to convert older Klein frames that used the pressed-in 6003 bearing bottom bracket shells. Other frames that use a press fit system with 6003 bearings can utilize this threadless OBB as well.

All of our OBB cups come with our Standard 6805 bearings which have a full contact seal and a 100% fill with our Phil Waterproof Grease. You can also order your OBB cups with our low drag Carbonyte bearings. Our Carbonyte bearings have different internal specifications, a low drag seal and uses our full synthetic Carbonyte grease. 

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