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Salsa Post-Lock Rack Mount

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Salsan Post-Lock Rack satulapanta kuusiokolopultilla.
27,2mm tai 31,6mm putkeen.

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Our Post-Lock is a rack attachment point that can be positioned anywhere on your seatpost to provide a mounting point. Post-Locks do not have a lip like our Lip-Lock, Flip-Lock, and Rack-Lock so therefore cannot be used as a seatpost clamp.

  • NOTE: This IS NOT a seat collar and CANNOT BE USED to keep your seatpost in place
  • NOTE: NOT FOR USE with carbon fiber seatposts
  • NOTE: Please consult your seatpost manufacturer to check compatibility
  • Max torque 3–5Nm
  • AL-6061
  • Welded on rack attachment points
  • 34mm-wide rack mount threaded for M5 bolts
  • Stainless steel pivot and bolt
  • Available for 27.2 and 31.6mm diameter seatposts
  • Black anodized with laser-etched logo
  • 44g
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