Spanninga Axendo 40 Xdas musta etuvalaisin

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Spanninga Axendo 40 Xdas Ledivalaisin dynamolle Stopvalo-ominaisuudella.

Käy dynamovaloksi tai vaikka sähköpyörään. Käyttöjännite 6-36V.


The elegant high-power AXENDO range distinguishes itself with its amazing styling, technology, light output and various power sources. For each type of bicycle and for every cyclist, the AXENDO range offers a perfect solution headlamp.

For city practice, the AXENDO front fork headlamps come in a 40, 60 and 80 Lux light output version, all of them with a great visibility distance, both front and lateral. Based on each bicycle rider’s different light needs, the AXENDO 40 comes in both a dynamo version and an e-bike version. Each of these versions has an elegant contrasting silicone band, which gives it a unique touch.

The AXENDO 40 has with 1 high-power REBEL© LED and features the unique Reverse Beam Technology© which creates an impressive 40 Lux light output in a bright – but non-blinding – light beam. The headlamp is equipped with a robust stainless steel front fork bracket and a high-efficiency front reflector for optimal safety and visibility. The dynamo version of the AXENDO 40 comes with (Xdas) or without (Xdo) Safe-Stop function, burning for 2 extra minutes after the cyclist stops pedalling. Ideal when you still want to be visible for other road users when you need to stop at a traffic light. Furthermore, the Xdas version also features an automatic sensor – the light is switched on and off automatically when it’s getting darker/lighter outside. The e-bike version of the AXENDO 40 is compatible with all common e-bikes with a voltage range from 6-36VDC.

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