SRAM Rival 22// 11v jarrukahva //oikea

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Varastossa | Toimitusaika: 1-3 vrk

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Rival22 -Vaihtokahva 11-lehtiselle takapakalle.

  • Oikea


Built around SRAM’s DoubleTap® technology, SRAM Rival®controls offer a performance advantage that other competition level shifters can’t touch. With ZeroLoss™ shifting front gears are engaged immediately. And, like SRAM RED®, SRAM Rival® has its front trim position on the big ring. Added cable routing options allows for both brake and shifter cables to run along either side of the handlebar. SRAM Rival® also incorporates the popular reach adjust feature, which SRAM invented, and allows riders to customize their brake and shift levers. Now every rider has a choice on positioning their DoubleTap® levers.

  • Proprietary DoubleTap® technology delivers smooth up- and downshifts in one motion
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable, aerodynamic, and hides all cables, while weighing only 320g
  • Carbon shift lever is light, strong, and comfortable
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