Terrene Tires

Terrene Griswold 700c X 38 mm taittuva nastarengas

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Terrene Griswold nastarengas

Nastarengas crossareihin, gravel-pyöriin ja hybrideihin.
  • Täysnastoitettu 700c x 38mm.
  • Taitettava.
  • Tubeless ready.
  • 33tpi.
  • 240 nastaa

It’s a different world out there.
When the ice and snow descend on your city, a bicycle commute can take on a whole new meaning.
Staying safe on your winter commute means being prepared with a tire that eats through ruts and keeps you upright through corners.

With snow traction technology carried over from award winning fat bike tires, smooth-rolling tread inspired by all road tires, and carbide-tipped aluminum studs, Griswold is our studded winter road tire that will get you through the city regardless of conditions.
Built with 240 studs to give you the safety and control to get there.

Griswold gives you the ability to conquer any frozen hell that may still resemble a city street.

Griswold. Ready to Ride.

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