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Klassillinen pyöräilijän pikkulippis.

One size fits no one.
These premium vintage style cycling caps bring back the heyday of cycling by memorialising some of the great teams and companies of old. 

Crédit Agricole (UCI Team Code: C.A) was a French professional cycling team managed by Roger Legeay. From 1997 to 2008, the team was sponsored by the French bank Crédit Agricole. Prior to 1997, the team was known as Vétements Z-Peugeot (1987), Z-Peugeot (1988-89), Z-Tomasso (1990), Z (1991–92) and GAN (1993–96). In 1990, the team's leading cyclist, the American Greg LeMond, won the Tour de France. The team also won the team title at the Tour de France that year. Crédit Agricole announced that they would cease to sponsor the team after 2008,[1] and the team was subsequently disbanded.

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