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Zulu Fixed poljinsträpit

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Varastossa | Toimitusaika: 1-3 vrk

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Jämerä poljinremmit Zululta.

Käsityötä Ukrainasta.

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Will assist in your daily riding, competitions, freestyle or a bike polo.
ZULU straps will help to push more from your bike.

- Super rigid shape. One of the biggest issues with straps in general is ability to squeeze your feet in fast. We applied some fresh ideas to solve the problem to the core. The new super rigid bottom part of the strap springs to the top to stay wide open and lets your feet get in at any event. This helps pros to save seconds at races, at the same time helps beginners to get into fixed with less trouble.

- Anatomical angle ensures best grip but same time the softest feel to skid hard with comfort

- Wide and quick adjustment to fit any shoe size.

- CNC- machined ALU6061 ring which holds any impacts but lightweight and stylish

- “no friction with crank” design

- High quality materials, and craftsmanship. We are producing straps locally from 90% selected local materials using our professional labor, and save on shipping with logistics done by bicycle, so we can afford to reach the best quality for a reasonable price.

-Mass produced only after a year of improvements and test rides.

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