Zulu Fixed

Zulu Fixed Stash Pad

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Työkalu- ja tarvike pussukka jonka saa trendikkäästi polkupyöräsi vaakaputken ympärille, mikäli reppua tai muuta kantovälinettä ei ole mukana.
Have you ever been out on your bike, pushing through a headwind, legs screaming, but you just keep on going. Then you hear an unfamiliar yet familiar hissing sound. A puncture, but today was the day you decided to leave all your gear at home.

Sometimes lugging a bag around for all your spares and tools is not what you want to do!!

We have the perfect answer for you, the JRI x Zulu Stash Pad. Now you don’t need to carry anything at all. The Stash Pad is an all-in-one tool bag, a phone holding key carrying money keeping frame protector. With five internal padded pockets and two outer pockets, with a carabiner in one of the outer pockets to keep your keys firmly in place, you will never be without all the essentials you need to go for a stress-free ride.

Black nylon- 220 gram/m2 waterproof and due to the specially designed weave, extremely strong for its weight, friction and wear resistant. We also use local custom printed fabrics like our own performance wool replica which gives the look of real wool, but waterproof and strong as nylon.   We use top locally sourced real leather. We cut and craft ourselves. It must be a top grain leather.

We use 50/25mm velcro to ensure enough tightening options. High-quality velcro with great grip.

A polymer called Isolone a lightweight multicellular material which absorbs pressure and prevents the frame from scratches. Also when exposed to extreme impact, cell-bubbles blow to absorb that extra impact (just like an airbag for your frame).

We use a unique quality waterproof zipper. It's coated with European made polyurethane, which is very abrasion resistant and will look and perform as new for the life of the Stash Pad. Coupled with flat black electroplated (not painted) hardware, the zipper is state of the art technology.
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